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The NOEXC Balloon Project is the stratospheric balloon program of the Northeast Ohio Experimenter's Club. We attempt to learn about the near-space environment and exploit the near-space position of our balloons.

Flight Designations

Flights shall be designated as "Northeast Ohio Experimenter's Club Balloon Project #" shortened to NBP# with the pound sign indicating the flight number.

Planned Flights

Planned Flights
Designation Projected Launch Date Objectives
NBP4 2018-12-1 Altitude. Data for simulation model testing. Video.

Past Flights

We keep a comparision of different statistics on the Flight Statistics page.

Past Flights
Date Designation Objectives Result Comments
2016/03/26 NBP3 Telemetry Test; Altitude to >15km; Data logging Telemetry Good, Altitude attained, Failed on decent. Excellent until loss of telem. Unrecovered.
2015/06/06 NBP2 Telemetry Test; Altitude to >15km (~50kft) Failed (Launch good, telemetry on balloon failed) Unrecovered.
2014/11/16 NBP1 Telemetry Test; Altitude to >15km (~50kft); HD Camera Recording Success Objectives met with exception of altitude (3.2749km)


We maintain lists and observations of the equipment that we use on the NBP Flights. This can be found on the Equipment page.


We are working up check lists to be used on each of our flights to improve our launch success rate. You can find them at Checklists

Relevant Regulations


NBP3 Officer Incident

We were told recently, on the NBP3 launch, that we needed to obtain a permit before launching any kind of aerial vehicle from an Ohio state park. The officer graciously allowed us to launch that day but instructed us to obtain a permit from then on. He wrote the rule on a business card and handed it to us. Before launching from Ohio State Parks we should figure out the applicability and necessity of obtaining such a permit. In the case that it doesn't apply we should have a prepared written explanation as to why the rule doesn't apply.

The officer had us glance at a rules and regulations book which we believe pointed to the following regulation:

1501:41-13-11 Aviation Regulation

1501:41-13-11 Aviation. "No person shall take off, or ascend within or from the lands or waters administered by the division in any airplane, flying machine, balloon, glider, or other aerial apparatus except with permission from the chief or from those lands or waters where maintained landing zones are located; or to voluntarily bring, land or alight, within or upon the land or waters administered by the division, in any airplane, flying machine, balloon, parachute or other aerial apparatus except with permission from the chief or at designated airfields. Any person landing or taking off from the waters of the division as permitted by this rule may use the waters of the division as necessary to taxi between such landing area and a service or docking area. "Voluntarily" as used in this rule shall mean anything other than a landing made in emergency conditions."

Five Year Review (FYR) Dates: 09/01/2015 and 09/01/2020 Promulgated Under: 119.03 Statutory Authority: 1541.03 Rule Amplifies: 1541.01, 1541.03, 1541.09 Prior Effective Dates: 6/14/75, 7/1/80

Our Understanding

The Ohio Administrative Code 1501:41-13-11 Aviation applies to flying vehicles which are manned. The rule that would most closely apply reads "No person shall take off, or ascend within or from the lands or waters administered by the division in any... balloon, ... except with permission from the chief...". To our understanding 1501:41-13-11 Aviation does not have any applicability to our situation as our operations are unmanned.

We take all opportunities to comply with any rule or regulation to which we are subject.