NBP/Binary Telemetry Spec v1

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This is a proposed binary telemetry specification that we are contemplating using on NBP4's MSK telemetry system in order to reduce the number of bits sent.

Telemetry Fields

Binary Specification
Field Bits Comments
Longitude 19 +/- 180 resolution to 0.00001 (~1m)
Latitude 18 +/- 90 resolution to 0.00001 (~1m)
Altitude 16 0-65536m resolution to 1m
Bat Voltage 8 2.5V - 4.5V at <0.01 resolution
Temperature 11 -100 to 100C at 0.1 resolution
UTC Time 17 Day-Second 86400 of last GPS lock
GPS Lock 1 Y/N
Solar Charging 1 Y/N
Barometer Status 1 Good/Other
Temp Status 1 Good/Other
Total 93 11.625 bytes