Meeting Minutes 2014/10/20

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Meeting Minutes for 2014/10/06

Meeting started around 23:00 EDT on Google Video Chat


  • Ricky Elrod (N8QSL)
  • Andrew Hewko (KD8JKF)
  • Jimmy Carter (KG4SGP)


Still waiting on call sign paperwork to get through.

Balloon Project

Jimmy (KG4SGP) is doing a project in his electromagnetic fields class and would like to do a balloon launch to complete it. The rest of the club (Andrew KD8JKF and Ricky N8SQL) have approved of the idea of doing this as a NOEXC Balloon Project flight.

A target date of 2014/11/15 or 2014/11/22 is set for the planned launch date.

Plan of action:

  • Get code working to read magnetometer over TWI on the AVR.
  • Get code working to write telemetry data to the NBP telemetry system
  • Integrate this code into the telemetry system for the NBP telemetry system
  • Assemble the NBP telemetry system components
  • Hand off to Andrew to make the enclosure or provide measurements
  • Preflight assembly and testing.
  • Set launch location as determined by the weather
  • Launch balloon and retrieve


  • Live radio telemetry
  • Altitude above 15 km