Meeting Minutes 2014/10/13

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Meeting Minutes for 2014/10/06

Meeting started around 23:00 EDT on Google Video Chat


  • Ricky Elrod (N8QSL)
  • Andrew Hewko (KD8JKF)
  • Jimmy Carter (KG4SGP)


Ricky to post office for PO Box. Still waiting on call sign paperwork to get through.

EME Project

As we will focus on the EME project as a club we have decided to set some milestones and lay out how we would like to accomplish this project.

Plan of action:

  • Obtain the antenna from storage
  • Check antenna detentions
  • Do a calculation as to the gain of the current system. Check to see if this is good, and if we need a power amplifier for contacts.
  • Ask Jason S. if we could borrow his power amplifier. Invite him into the project.
  • Build/Find stands for the antenna to make this somewhat portable
  • Schedule a contact (see what the other end wants to use [WSJT, CW etc]) and try to make a contact
  • Try to make a contact in Morse Code
  • Try to hear own echoes off the Moon

Success? (in order they should probably be attempted.)

  • 1st Some contact off of the moon in any mode.
  • 2nd Hear own echo


There was a lot of discussion on the finances of the club and how we wanted to approach running the club finances at this meeting. Some of what we came up with:

  • There shall be digital copies of receipts for record keeping
  • Receipts shall be required for reimbursements from the club.
  • We would like to produce quarterly financial reports.
  • Quarters will start on October 1st 2014 and occur on the first of every 3 months following.