Meeting Minutes 2014/10/06

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Meeting Minutes for 2014/10/06

Meeting started around 23:00 EDT on Google Video Chat


  • Ricky Elrod (N8QSL)
  • Andrew Hewko (KD8JKF)
  • Jimmy Carter (KG4SGP)

Club Focus

The focus of the club (currently) is to work on projects organized by the members.

Administrative Tasks

Andrew will be creating the Google Groups Mailing list under the name "Northeast Ohio Expierementer's Club" The club will purchase a PO Box near wolf ledges in Akron, OH for official corresponcence.

Ricky made the website/wiki page for the group.

It was mutually decided that we should take the following positions:

  • Ricky - President
  • Andrew - Treasurer
  • Jimmy - Secretary

Current Projects

With so few people in the club currently (3 people) we have decided to focus on one of three projects and have assigned them an priority as follows:

  • EME Project (using the rope yagi)
  • Balloon Project.
  • Simplex Link Project


We have decided that it would be good to have a organizational structure when working on projects. A project will need one or more project leads. At the onset of the project, the participating members will decide what a definition of success for that project will be. This has the ability to be frozen by a majority vote of the participating members to avoid scope creep.


Meetings will be on the second Monday of every month at 20:30 EDT at various locations determined on the mailing list.

There will be weekly hangouts on google video chat.

Meetings will follow the template set out in the Meetings page.


We will try to use the following conventions in our work.

  • Date: YYYY/MM/DD
  • Time: 24H Eastern Daylight Time (assumed when not followed by a denotation)
  • Time(alternative): 24H Z (UTC time, denoted by 'Z')